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134 CS D other players couldn't fgure her out. Berrard is a vivacious, friendly person with an open heart and a genuine smile. She exudes sincerity and charm, but she's also a serious student of martial arts, smart as a whip, daring, fearless and edgy. Berrard's mission in life is to help other women break free from the tyranny of being labeled. In fact, the name of the store alludes to that mission. The word "gypsy" reminds her of freedom and all of the dif- ferent looks, facets and moods women can embrace. Seven is her numerology life number, a number that represents spiritual seekers and truth-tellers. Berrard buys clothing, shoes and jewelry for her store that she hopes will appeal to women of all ages. She encourages her customers to embrace their bodies and enjoy being who they are in that moment. Her fashion philosophy is that women should build a wardrobe by investing in "foundational" pieces, adding seasonal or trendy items only as it makes sense for their personal style or body type. "Wear what feels good and wear what makes you feel great," she says. "Forget trends! Why ft in when you were born to stand out?" In fact, Berrard says she's thrilled when someone asks where she got something she's wearing. "I love wearing things no one else has," she says. "This is a place where you can fnd those unique things." She also encourages her customers to pursue their own fashion experiments and to be Southern belle raided Mick Jagger's closet and got some advice from Stevie Nicks about how to put it all together. It's impossible to predict what you'll fnd in this store from one visit to the next. That experi- ence is by design, and some- thing of which Berrard is very proud. "Life is so much more fun when you're unpredictable," she says. To illustrate, she tells me the story of how she once won big at a Texas Hold'em table in Las Vegas because the Photography courtesy of Garrett Anderson

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