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AV E N U E W E L L N E S S Kimberly Powell, owner of the spacious 9,000-square-foot Woodhouse Day Spa, thinks she knows a couple of girls who can help fx those pesky wintertime skin concerns. Their names are Wonder Woman and Miss America, and they aren't actually people at all. They are the endearing names for Woodhouse Day Spa's two HydraFacial machines, aka the "Ferrari of facials." Woodhouse is one of the few spas in the Southeast to carry these mag- 148 CSD nifcent machines. It is the spa's most popular service and the perfect treatment for repairing sun damage and preparing skin for the dehydrating winter months. As men and women living in South Carolina know all too well, the heat can be your best friend or your worst enemy. We revel in our sunny Southern lifestyle, but often we bake in the sun too long, party too hard and forget to drink plenty of water. By the time fall arrives, we're feeling relaxed, but our skin is a real mess from the abuse it's suffered over the summer. Woodhouse offers three HydraFacial treatments: The Express ($100/25 min.), The Pure ($185/50 min.) and the power-packed Woodhouse ($275/80 min.). The HydraFacial is a corrective yet luxurious ser- vice that hydrates, lightens and brightens. Three pumps work to create effects comparable to a mini-peel or mini-Botox. It's RELAX AND REPAIR BY KATI E KI MSEY at woodhouse day spa, kick back and let the healing begin an exfoliation, glycolic peel and extraction all rolled into one. In addition, antioxidant and collagen-rich serums hydrate the skin and promote elasticity. Rather than performing manual extractions, the technician uses the elaborately named "vor- tex-extraction nozzle," which isn't nearly as terrifying as it sounds. It's actually a pleasant sensation—like small fsh kisses all over your face. And the good news is that it's gentle enough for sensitive skin. The outcome

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