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162 CS D shrimp demi-glace and sweet potato gnocchi as examples of this approach. Doyle's appreciation of the restaurant goes back to his childhood years. The Johnson and Wales graduate grew up eating at Poogan's Porch during family visits to the Lowcountry. As executive chef, he's chosen the dishes he knows to be strong and familiar to the clien- tele and has built on them. He credits Ball for broaden- ing his perspective as a chef, challenging him to grow and to try new styles and philosophies. "Brad has had the opportunity to dine all over the world, and he brings those culinary expe- riences to our menu experi- mentation," notes Doyle. "The menu now changes seasonally and is divided into 'traditional' and 'contemporary' entrée sections so we can have a little more room to be creative and fun while still staying true to what Poogan's is and continues to be." "With Chef Doyle and myself," adds Ball, "it's about staying true to the dish and then working to fnd the wine 5. Hickory smoked pork ribs with classic S.C. mustard barbecue sauce and smoked Gouda mac 'n' cheese. 6. Chef Isaac Vanderhorst's she-crab soup garnished with lump crab, dry sherry and chive oil. 7. A Southern classic: shrimp and scallops, tasso-pimento grit cake, shellfsh demi-glace. 7 6 5 Joseph Fields Farm, St Jude's Farm Fishery, and Storey Farms on Johns Island for our eggs," says Doyle. "We are using more local grains, like grits from Adluh Flour Mills in Columbia, [South Carolina]. We also work with Crosby's Seafood and Limehouse Produce." "I like to take classic Lowcountry cuisine and use modern techniques," explains Doyle. "I am also inspired by different cuisines and draw from those to make the classics newer." He points to menu items such as red rice risotto, that pairs best with it, which of- ten can be surprising. Southern food is always a bit tricky, but wines with a little lower alcohol tend to pair better due to the inherent spice of the regional cuisine."

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