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also plays off the fuffy white quality of individual cotton bolls to accent the color and texture of magnolia grandifora's shiny green topside leaves and the velvety bronze hues beneath. Of course, Askew's frst love is cotton and turning bolls into stunning wreaths is his specialty. No one is exactly alike in shape, color or texture, yet when combined with other plants (or even bird feathers), cotton's col- lective white hues lend a sense of etherealness to the overall ensemble. If you're still desperate for color, mix in pyracantha's bril- liant yellow-orange drupes or use Japanese yew or juniper's silvery-blue berries. It's also fun to seek out non-traditional plants to mix with old holiday favorites. This is useful when the garden center runs out of pink poinsettias. Instead, intersperse 'Firepower' heavenly bamboo with white ones. This cultivar's orange, red, yellow and green leaves not only highlight white poinsettia's bracts but also accentuate its golden centers. And what happens to your well thought-out plans when holly berries don't turn Christmasy- red on cue? Let still-green berries play off green leaves. The single color actually en- hances shape and texture. For folks who prefer a splash of humor without silliness (think pink plastic famingos donned with Santa hats), Askew's most recent pièce de résistance is a reindeer head fashioned from a palmetto frond boot. Instead of the standard PTA fundraiser Rudolf, made with plastic craft store eyes and a red pompon nose, Askew's creation is mostly an all-natural Lowcountry affair: gum tree ball eyes, a pinecone nose and Japanese yew eyelashes. 180 CS D ©2014 California Closet Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Franchises independently owned and operated. C L O S E T S G A R A G E WA L L B E D K I D S M E D I A C E N T E R O F F I C E PA N T R Y E N T R Y WAY CHARLES TON 843.762.7980 California Let Califo rnia Closets design a custom system just for you and the way you live. Call us today to arrange for a free design consultation. We'll deliver the latest trends in style and design for fashion, interiors, architecture, dining, and excursions to your doorstep! Subscription Price is $12.00 one year, $20 two years, $28 three years Subscribe online today. To subscribe, call Elena Barna at 843-860-8599 Follow us around Charleston. Something New Every Quarter! Find Charleston Style & Design online all the time, and in Barnes & Noble and fine grocers nationwide!

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