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246 CS D Wednesday and travels as needed for projects. Her experience of living in many places, both abroad and stateside, not only sparked an early love for travel and a passion for world art but also infuenced the way she works. "I've loved my travels, and the background they gave me," she says. "That's grown into what I like to do in my interiors." Take, for example, the spa- cious Mount Pleasant home of Norris' clients Chris and Jennifer Pierce. Norris worked with the Pierces to create an atmosphere that's warm, classic and punctu- ated with well-chosen decora- tive items from around the world The focus on interesting art is visible as soon as one walks into the home. In the open entryway is a delicate gold antique chest purchased in Charlottesville, Virginia. And Asian accents are visible throughout the home. Beyond the entryway is an open-foor-plan kitchen and family room. While Norris has worked extensively on the entire frst foor of the house, the kitchen was perhaps the most transformed. The clean, inviting space—white with blue and gray accents—used to be not only darker but also much less functional. "When they moved in, the kitchen was drab," Norris says. "There were stock maple cabinets from a big box store, so we took those out. We went with cool tones for this room." Norris also added a small counter area to serve as a hub for the assortment of items that inevitably pile up: invitations, bills, keys, charging cords and the like. "This was an unused, useless space, so we created a central location for the family to keep their things," she says. Another useless space that Norris reclaimed was a small hallway that leads from the kitchen to the separate dining room. She turned it into a but- ler's pantry. "Jennifer and Chris like to entertain," Norris says. "So this space can hold all the china and other pieces they use for parties." The dining room, which was purple before Norris got her hands on it, is bright and sunny, with large windows that face the street. This is just one of several places in the home that one

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