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A R T S 274 CS D Anything can inspire Tom Potocki. "Everything around me has a possibility of becoming art," he says. This free-spirited approach can be attributed to the artist's experiences during the pop art movement in 1960s New York, where he spent time after getting his fne art degree from Pennsylvania's Carnegie Mellon University. But then again, Potocki also grew up with art—his father was an artist and professional sign painter. As his father's helper, Potocki saw his handiwork on the sides of buildings and large billboards from an early age. These days, his own individual style involves large acrylic poured paintings on canvas, which is sometimes described as refned graffti. Po- tocki also creates brilliant, sculp- tural folk-art pieces that evolve from found objects. "I basically look for throw-away pieces until I fnd something unique," he explains. "I like the idea that you give them new life and they can continue on." Potocki's work can be seen online and at Mitchell Hill Gallery at 438 King St. His most recent creations, the Divergence series, will be show- cased this fall at the gallery. Tom Potocki 843-763-2481 TOM POTOCKI

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