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AVENUE certification,but with the growth of the sport worldwide, it's becoming necessary. According to Hyland, the beaches surrounding Charleston are some of the best. "Sullivan's and the Isle of Palms are great for kiteboarding because of the sea breezes we get in the summer, "he says."Most afternoons, around 4 or 5 p.m.,you can catch some wind on the beach...then there's what we call the 'windy season,'which typically begins in October. " Following theWind Sealand Adventure Sports will get you airborne BY JAMES DENNIS | PHOTOGRAPHY BY HOLGER OBENAUS O ne of Scott Hyland's priorities as a business owner and bona fide kiteboarding addict is to keep the beaches of Charleston safe for fans of the sport. As owner of a new Sullivan's Island shop, Sealand Adventure Sports, Hyland not only sells kiteboarding and paddleboarding gear, he shares his knowledge with newcomers. "I got introduced to kite-boarding about eight years ago," says Hyland, a native of upstate New York,who's lived in the South for over 20 years. "A few of my friends kept urging me to try it.Well, about four or five years went by before I actually did.Now, I'm in love with it,"he says with a laugh."If it's a windy 108 CHARLESTON STYLE AND DESIGN | FALL 12 afternoon and I've finished working, I'll be on the beach with my kite. It's my version of happy hour. " Although Hyland says he picked up the sport fairly easily, he also maintains that kiteboarding is an extreme sport and needs to be treated with respect. Recently,he ventured to Cape Hatteras,North Carolina, and took a course that provided him with a PASA (Professional Air Sports Association) certification. "Because I'm certified to teach, I'm also able to certify kiteboarders and their level of experience,"he explains."That way,my students can go anywhere in the world and rent equipment without being questioned. On Charleston's beaches you don't need Hyland maintains that you can take kiteboarding to any level."Some people just like to calmly cruise along,"he says,"while others want to unhook [from their harness] and do technical tricks."Then there's the thrill of sailing past idle surfers as you ride a wave into the beach! Paddleboarding attracts people who want to tour the marshes,surf the waves or simply get a fabulous core workout. Hyland says the boards are being used as platforms for all kinds of fitness routines, including yoga and Pilates. Besides lessons, Hyland offers kiteboarding equipment and paddleboarding equipment for sale at his shop, which is nestled beneath Station 22 Restaurant on Sullivan's Island.He also rents paddleboarding equipment and plans to offer more merchandise over the next few months. "I'm working with a local artist, Mika Myers,who is going to design tee shirts for paddleboarders and kiteboarders,"he says. "That will be an exciting step forward. But, besides offering products,our main goal is to promote safety and communicate how exciting these sports can be for men and women of all ages." Visit Sealand Adventure Sports at 2205 Middle Street, Unit D on Sullivan's Island.; telephone: 843-330-8156. James Dennis is a writer based in Charleston, S.C. "

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